Effortless Bob

The effortless, undone bob will continue to be a popular cut going into 2021 and we are totally here for it. A highly popular style and now a classic staple, it’s no surprise we have so many guests that come into the salon to request it time and time again. We’re liking the all one length bob with a 90s feel – stepping away from a more ‘dainty’ bob with a lot more shape and texture. It’s such an easily maintained cut that is super chic, yet relaxed and requires minimum effort to maintain the style at home. Easy breezy hair is the name of game in 2021 – no prizes for guessing why…

Super Shaggy

The shag will be taken to a new level this year. This 2021 version of the shag reminds more of a modern mullet than before but it’s still totally rock chic. Use this year to redefine the texture of your hair and ask for texturized layers when you’re next in salon or better yet, show your stylist an inspo pic like this one.

Now that it seems as though face masks will be sticking around in 2021, namely to our sweaty, breathy faces, it’s no surprise that fringes are surging in popularity. Anything that draws attention away from the mask area and back to the eyes gets a big thumbs up from us. Plus, there’s literally a fringe out there for everyone. If you’re thinking about getting a fringe, for heaven’s sake don’t cut it yourself! Salons may be temporarily closed as we write this but save the haircutting for the experts. Fringes can be a lot more complex to get right than you might think. For starters your stylist will need to assess the texture, length and style of your hair and weigh it up against your hair colour, parting and face shape to make sure your chosen fringe will suit your overall style. Wide box fringes, floaty side fringes, long eye-grazing fringes and blunt fringes will all shape and style you differently. So choose wisely and leave it to the experts!

Natural highlights

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that we’re more accepting of shades closer to our natural colour than we would have thought. That’s why this year, we’re expecting to see guests requesting subtle highlights that enhance natural or darker shades. Complimentary toffee and caramel tones are a total vibe expecially when combined with a base shade closer to your natural colour. Think bronzy brunettes and warm balayage, which are perfect if bold colours are just not your thing.

The Root Clash

Think back to Billie Eilish’s green and black hair, a root smudge technique like this is a brighter, playful way to try a multi-tonal look. A root smudge can be created by fading a colour from the roots into existing blonde hair or pick two entirely contrasting colours for your roots and lengths. The bolder the better in our opinion, but the Root Clash technique works equally well on subtle tones and milder or more natural colour contrasts. Plus you have all the say on how ‘blended’ you’d like the contrasting shades.